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    View Machines vs Machine Groups


      I hope a very simple question. My Machine Groups are setup the way I like. But when I View Machines, several of the PCs are in a blank group at the top. I have scanned reinstalled, etc and nothing changes. Any help appreciated.

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          What column is set to be on the far left in View > Machines for you?


          The machine view will always sort first based on the column that is set to the far left so it might help group the machines better to your liking if you try dragging one of the other column titles to the far left for sorting.

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            Ok, that is a good way to look at it. But, why are the computers still in the wrong machine group? To me, if you assign the policy, that is the group it should go in.

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              chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

              Machine Groups do not enforce a 1:1 policy.  They also have container types like Domain, OU, and IP Range that make it so until you do a scan from a machine group it will show a blank column.  The machine group column is really only useful if you have machines in groups on a 1:1 relationship and you don't move them. 


              We have looked at making some changes to Machine Groups and even at making a policy for machines managed agentlessly.  We would then have something akin to the current machine group that would be called a discovery group.  It would not enforce a relationship or enforce anything policy related.  Then we would have a managed group that you can assign machines to on a 1:1 level and also start to execute entire tasks at a managed group level which would enforce similar to a Agent Policy. 


              Nothing is currently scheduled for this change, but I would like feedback from you or anyone else who is interested in such a change. 


              Chris Goettl

              Product Manager

              Shavlik Protect Team

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                It will show up in machine view grouped with the machine group that it was last scanned with. So if you have a machine in multiple groups it will be listed as part of the group that was last scanned. I hope this helps.

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                  I'm sorry, but that answer makes no sense. I just added a new PC to Shavlik with an agent policy, in a My Machine Group. I go to view Machine Group and it shows up with 8 other machines which are in 3 different My Machine Groups. I do the first scan, no change. I add another PC and it shows up in the correct Machine Group. Something is wrong. If the view sorts by Machine Group then it should be in the correct group. Version 8 had a much better Agent view and sorted it correctly. I hate to go backwards but v9 is not coreect.

                  I am a small user. I hate to think of the IT people who have hundreds of machines and they arbitrarily go to whatever Machine Group.

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                    It might be easier to cover this with you over a phone call to support, otherwise I'd suggest reviewing this Help article within Protect:


                    Help > Contents > Common Tasks > Using Machine View > Navigating Machine View

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                      chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

                      If you scan it agentlessly through using a machine group it will populate that filed.  If you scan only by agent then it will not populate taht filed as the machine was never scanned as part of that group.  You can get all the equivalent functionality form the Agent Manager through the Machine View, which is why we consolidated.  There is a smart filter built in to show agents only and you can group by or sort by agent policy.  All the same right click agent options are available there as well.  This is a step towards trying to treat agentless and agent managed machines the same in Protect. 

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                        From you manual


                        "Can I compare all the machines within a machine group"?


                        Yes, simply click and drag the Machine Group column header to the first column. This will order the machines by machine group. Expand the machine group to view all machines within the group"

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                          That worked. I uninstalled, scanned, reinstalled agent and it is in the correct group. Thanks for answering what I thought was a very easy question. Apparently it was easy, just everyone there doesn't know about it.