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    Unable to list Scheduled Tasks


      Hi all,


      We are using Shavlik 9.0. I have the application configured and everything is working as expected except, I cannot view scheduled tasks that I have created in the "Scheduled Tasks" - "Jobs" tab. There is nothing listed there. I created a few scheduled tasks last week and when nothing showed up in the tasks window, I assumed the tasks were not created. However, over the weekend all the scheduled jobs did run. The problem is that I cannot access the jobs to edit them as I have duplicates I need to delete and need to reschedule some of the others.


      When I open the "scheduled task manager" all systems are greyed out. If I synchronize the systems they all come back as normal (i.e. no longer greyed out). Also, if I wait for a few minutes the machines will come back as well on their own. The proper ports are open on the console and client machines. In the instruction manual it indicates that if everything is installed properly, I should have a service installed on the client systems called "Shavlik Remote Scheduler Service". I do not have that service, instead I have a service called "ST Remote Scheduler Service". Is this the correct service, does the documentation need updating or should it actually be "Shavlik  Remote Scheduler Service"?


      Any suggestions would be welcome.




      Forgot to mention we are using Build: 1182