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    No Deployment Reports


      I don't get any information in Deployment Tracker on an automatic deployment. If I do a manual deployment, the information is there. If I have the agent do a deployment, I get nothingin tracker. The deployment does work through the agent but nothing in tracker. I am using the lastest version 9.

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          Agents will not report back to the deployment tracker. Agent deployments are just run on their schedule and will update the information for each system that you see in View > Machines within Protect.

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            I guess I am confused. In versions 6 and 7, I thought I saw the deployment of the Agents. I say this because the Agents run at 2:00am and I used to view the deployment log in the mrning to see if any patches had failed. Was something different in these versions?

            What is the best way to see what the Agents deployed? Run reports? and which reports?

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              There isn't a direct way to see exactly what the agents have deployed from the Protect console, but you can view the current patch status of the system by going to View > Machines and highlighting the system you want to see the status for (in the top section), then click on the patches tab in the middle section. Otherwise, you can run any of the patching reports and it should include results from agents, however, there's not always an easy way to tell the difference if the results it used for the scan/deploy are from an agent or from the console.


              I would suggest submitting a feature request at http://shavlik.featureidea.com for any changes you would like to see in a future release.