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    Trying to push Adobe Reader 11


      We need to push Adobe Reader 11 to about 5000 machines. I followed the instructions for software distribution and added the install to a patch group and added it to a scan template. I made sure that the software distribution option was checked and security patches was checked. On a test of about 300 machines, the results showed a few machines that had version 11 installed already but for the rest there were zero missing patches but we know that these machines have version 10 or earlier. The pressure is on to get these updated, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


      Please disregard. The problem was user ignorance. I got it working.

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          I usually recommend that you set it up  without filtering when using software distribution (it is generally easier to just pick and choose from the items that show missing rather than use filtering in the template when doing software distribution):


          -Uncheck security patches in your template.

          -Set to to no filtering (no patch group, no product filter, scan all for criticality).

          -Run just the scan across all your systems.

          -View the scan result - select any items you wish to deploy (you can use CTRL+click to select multiple), then right click and choose Deploy selected patches.


          Just make sure you don't deploy all or you'll end up with plenty of unecessary software.


          I hope that helps!

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            Whoops, just saw you note to disregard...