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    Scheduling Reports




      Is it possible to schedule reports. My boss wants a weekly 'Machine Status by Patch Count' (based upon current status) report. Can this be scheduled to run weekly and emailed?

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          You can set an auto-email report to be sent out either from the machine group or in your patch scan template for this report. Then whenever you run a scan using the group or scan template with the email setting it will send the report.


          For more info on using email reports see the following Help article within Protect:


          Help > Contents > Common Tasks > Sending E-Mail Reports and Notifications > Automatically Sending E-Mail Reports

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            Thanks very much for your reply.


            As we have a lot machines in remote offices and some in DMZs we use agents for scanning and deployment rather than scanning from the console (scanning takes hours from console) which means this solution isn't really suitable for us. Also, any machines not on the network would be ommited from the results.


            Currently I manually go into Reports and run the report (based on current status) and email it. I was hoping there would be an automated way of doing this.




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              Currently there is no way to send automatic email reports when using agents, however, please feel free to submit a feature request at http://shavlik.featureidea.com. Our product management team will see these requests and take them into consideration for future versions of Protect.

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                Will do. Thanks