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    Database help


      I have the new Shavlik 9. and have a hugh database. The database log is 25Gb. I need to clear this log DB. Can anyone help me get rid of the log DB, or get it down to a resonable size? I am using SQL 2005 maintenance version.

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          You can find this on page 536 of the admin guide at the following link




          Database Maintenance


          In order to keep Shavlik Protect operating at peak efficiency, it is important to perform periodic maintenance on your database. Shavlik Protect's database maintenance tool enables you to:

          • Delete old results

          • Rebuild your SQL Server indexes

          • Create backups of your database


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            I tried the DB maintenance in Shavlik. everytime I run it, the DB gets bigger. I cannot backup it up or get reports. Is there a way to delete the log DB?

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              This is something you can do in case the log file continuously grows larger:


              If you do not yet have it installed - make sure you have SQL Server management studio installed for your corresponding version of SQL. A quick google search should get you to the download for it if needed.


              First thing I would suggest going into Protect > Manage > Items. Delete any old results you no longer want stored in the database (this is the manual way to do it rather than using Tools > Database Maintenance).




              -Open management studio and connect to your SQL instance.

              -Expand Databases.

              -Locate the Protect database, then right click on it and choose 'Properties'.

              -Go to the 'Options' tab.

              -Change the 'Recovery Model' to Simple.

              -Hit OK.

              -Right click on the Protect database again, and go to Tasks > Shrink > Database. Once you run the shrink operation both database files (mdf & ldf) will shrink significantly.


              I would not suggest running the shrink all the time. This process is best to only use once if you really need to shrink down the size of the database and/or database log file. It's usually best to stick with using the built in maintenance tool in Protect under Tools > Database Maintenance.








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                Thank you Adam. This is exactly what I needed. The thing I was missing was the Simple in the Recovery Model.

                Thanks again