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    SQL Server Patching



      Does anyone have a tried and tested way to automate patching SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2? We are very familiar with GDR/QFE on Windows OS, and that Microsoft takes care of it by having a single patch, which dynamically installs the correct branch of the security patch. In SQL there are 2 separate patches, and Shavlik identifies both as missing (I have spent many hours working with Microsoft/Shavlik(VMWare) to try and get a best practice and it all seems very much a manual decision process. Which one do you want to install, rather than if you are following GDR then only install that version.


      Any comments would be appreciated.

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          This is a complicated issue.  The way this is handled today is when we scan we detect a missing patch and offer both.  My understanding is that you can only install the GDR patch if you have never installed a QFE patch.  You should stay on GDR unless you need a QFE patch.  The best way to do this today is through Patch Groups.  You would need to find the GDR patches and add them to a patch group and scan and deploy only the GDR patches that way. 


          It is not the best experience in the world and we apologize for that.  I can say that we are looking into how to make this better.  We have a few ideas on how to solve this issue.  I know you have been in contact with us through support on this issue, but when we have a plan in place would you be open to discussing that on a call with some of our dev and content teams? 



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            Thank you for that, I understand your problems, I have been speaking to Microsoft to get their view, and everything seems very vague and leaves it with the installer to decide.


            I agree you should really install the GDR patch if you are on the GDR stream of versions. And you are correct I don't think you offer the GDR patch if you have been install the CUs and are on the QFE branch.


            It appears it all comes down to the version numbers, the lower ones are GDR and the high are QFE in a 1000 range, but it does seem not very clear between versions.


            Yes would be very happy to have a discussion later on.