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    Reset credentials


      Hi all,


      i have a simple problem: Every time i start VMware Protect Console, i have to reset all the credentials I have installed.


      The credentials listed below must be reset to ensure continued functionality.

      All credentials that are reset may be managed via the Credentials Manager.

      Any credential that isn't reset will be deleted.


      Nice when you want to work with delegations.

      Environment: Windows 2008R2 Std., VMware Protect 8.0.2, Roamed Profiles with redirected Appdata


      Thanks a lot and best regards


      U. Hofmann

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          Since you mentioned use of a roaming profile, I just want to make sure you're not expecting Protect on different systems to have access to the same credentials.


          Do you have a screenshot of the actual error? More than likely we will need to take a look at the logs from Protect to see what might be causing this. If you want you can PM me the logs or open a case directly with support to work more closely on this issue.


          Here are the best steps to use for obtaining the Protect logs:


          -In Protect go to Tools > Options > Logging and make sure both User Interface and Services are set to “All”. Save.

          -Close Protect.

          -Stop all the Shavlik (VMware vCenter Protect) services.

          -Delete all the logs from:

            -Vista, 2008, & Win7: C:ProgramDataShavlik TechnologiesLogs

            -Windows XP & 2003: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataShavlik TechnologiesLogs

          (These may be in a VMware directory rather than Shavlik Technologies for v.8.0 and above.)

          -Start the Shavlik (VMware vCenter Protect) services and open Protect.

          -Reproduce the error/issue.

          -Afterwards please zip and send all the logs.