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    Adobe Reader 11.0.3 Install issue on 64-bit OSes


      There is a problem installing the Adobe Reader 11.0.3 patch on Windows 7 64-bit. I am using the latest XML.    The 11.0.3 patch deploys and installs correctly on Windows 7 32-bit.  The XML detects the missing patch.  The patch is deployed to the ProPatches folder on the 64-bit target machine.  But the patch does not install correctly on a 64-bit machine.  After the 64-bit  machine reboots, I initiate a new scan and the 11.0.3 patch is still missing on 64-bit machines


      Patch AdbeRdrUpd11003_MUI.msp is deployed on 64-bit machines.


      When I try to run the AdbeRdrUpd11003_MUI.msp manually on a 64-bit machine from the ProPatches folder, I receive the following error message:


      The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program.  Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.


      The only way I can get the patch to install correctly is to download a fresh copy of the AdbeRdrUpd11003_MUI.msp from Adobe's website.  I run this patch and it installs correctly.  When I re-run a scan, the scan shows the patch installed.


      With that said, it seems like that the file vCenter deploys has a problem.  Could you please look into this?



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          In response to your question. This appears to be related to Bulletin ID APSB13-15 for the 11.0.3 adobe reader.  The Protect system checks for two criteria to be met in order to offer this patch as missing.


          The registry key of:

          HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsVurrentVersionUninstall{AC76BA86-7AD7-FFFF-7B44-AB000000001} = DisplayVersion = 11.0.03


          and the AcroRd32.dll in the %adobe11path% be less than version


          If either of these two items are not met then we consider this patch to be missing and we offer it as a missing patch.

          Additionally I was able to recreate the error you are getting by not having the Adobe Reader installed and starting the patch. The patch indicates that the AdbeRdrUpd11003_MUI.msp file is not applicable because there is no existing version on the machine. To confirm that the correct version of Adobe reader is on the machine please run a Security Patch scan with the default security patch scan template.




          I would also suggest creating a support case for this if you are still experiencing the issue.


          For support please contact us at 1866-407-5279.

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            Thanks.  I can successfully apply the 11.0.3 patch by downloading the AdbeRdrUpd11003_MUI.msp directly from Adobe's website.  I therefore think the problem is with the file that is being deployed.  When comparing the AdbeRdrUpd11003_MUI.msp file vCenter deploys with the AdbeRdrUpd11003_MUI.msp from Adobe's website, I do see there is a revision number difference.


            vCenter: {AC76BA86-7AD7-0000-2550-7A8C40011003}{AC76BA86-7AD7-0000-2550-7A8C40011001}{AC76BA86-7AD7-0000-2550-7A8C40011002}

            Adobe Website: {AC76BA86-7AD7-FFFF-2550-7A8C40011003}{AC76BA86-7AD7-FFFF-2550-7A8C40011001}{AC76BA86-7AD7-0000-2550-7A8C40011002}


            Is there a way that the current file can be replaced with the Adobe file?

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              I am not convinced that this is an improper installer issue. In order to complete the testing we would require a support request so we can obtain the logs, validate versions, and present it to our data team.

              The data team is the only way of adjusting the download location/file in the Shavlik data, and in order to change it we have to complete the steps I mentioned.


              If you have additional machines that this is affecting, I would suggest creating a support request so we can start to present this to our data team if it turns out there is an issue.


              Thank you.

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                Could you please create a case for me and send me the information of what data you would like me to collect?

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                  Unfortunately I do not have your contact information available.  I would need this to create a Support Request.


                  I do not know if you feel comfortable with posting this information, I would suggest calling in and creating a quick support ticket.

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                    Can you send me a private message or some other form of secure contact?

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                      What was the resolution for this??  I am having the same problem