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    Adobe flash player plugin


      Hi all,


      I am attempting to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin for Firefox via Shavlik. We use a custom template to deploy new software such as Foxit, Firefox and etc... We are able to install Adobe Flash Player (ActiveX) as it is in the list of available software as a "Software Distribution". It appears as shown below in the software selection list.


      True    APSB13-11    09/04/2013    09/04/2013    QAF117700169N    Software Distribution    Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player


      However, I am unable to find the "Plugin" version of this software as Software Distribution. I need to deploy that version as well as the activeX version. Does anyone have any ideas of what I am missing, or doing wrong?


      Thanks everyone.

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          Were you just searching for the plugin version via patch view? Or was this actually looking a software distribution scan results? It is possible the plugin may not be available for software distribution, but I'll have to check further into that.

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