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    error installing agent on some pcs


      I have about 600 pcs i've been deploying the vcenter protect agent to.  Most existing ones were done through the console, and new pcs being deployed we use the stplatformupdater.exe on to deploy it.  On probably 30 machines, I have been unable to get the agent to register itself no matter what I do.  I try through the console, and using the exe and always get one of two errors



      2013-04-04T15:19:33.9851166Z 07e8 I STAgentManagement.cpp:536 'C:Program Files (x86)VMwarevCenter Protect AgentSTAgentManagement.exe' is starting, version: 8.0.3965.1.
       2013-04-04T15:19:35.6855275Z 07e8 E STAgentManagement.cpp:695 class STServiceModel::Wws::CWebServiceException at RegistrationServiceClient.cpp:496: Unable to register the agent with the provided registration cookie.
       Error detail:
       The body of the received message contained a fault.
       The fault reason was: 'Internal error'.





      2013-05-01T02:54:46.0497283Z 0c14 I STAgentManagement.cpp:536 'C:Program Files (x86)VMwarevCenter Protect AgentSTAgentManagement.exe' is starting, version: 8.0.3965.1. 2013-05-01T02:55:20.4330099Z 0c14 E STAgentManagement.cpp:695 class STWin32::CWin32Exception at PrivateKeyInfo.cpp:164: Error 5: Access is denied. 


      I use shared passphrase when doing the stplatformudpater.exe and I know it works because it allows me to fetch the policy list.  It just never is able to register.  Any idea what could be wrong on these machines? It happens on both windows 7 and xp.

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          Hi there nappyrat,


          I would say judging by the fact you are getting an access denied error that it is related to the authentication, or possibly something with the certificate for the agent. Double check the passphrase you have set up in the console under Tools > Options > Agents to ensure this is matching what you provide during agent install, or you could possibly try using the windows authentication method just to test if that will work.


          Based on the info we have here, I don't have much else for suggestions other than verifying authentication. Possibly a reboot on the client system would help based on the first error. It might be best to open a case with support directly to look deeper into this issue.



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            I have been having exactley the same issue on multiple clients and finally got it resolved by changing settings in Internet Explorer.


            The main one that fixed it for me was deleting all cookies, temp internet files, InPrivate Filtering data etc.  I also set all security settings back to default on some other clients.


            I did speak to VMWare about this and the 2 things they suggested didn't help me but it might be worth trying them.

            1)Check all required ports are not blocked by ACL's or Window firewall

            2) Open IE Settings

            Click content tab



            uncheck Server Authentication, Client Authentication and Code signing.


            Hope this helps

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              Judging by the error we are getting there appears to be a permissions issue happening here.  I would really want to verify that the account you are doing the install with is an AD Admin or local account admin.


              In the error message it indicates that there is a key it is trying to access, and this maybe the Machine Key.  If it is the machine key you should be able to access it in the Crypto directory and see if you can view its contents, look for "_agent_" towards the top.


              The location of these keys are here:

              WindowsSystem32MicrosoftCryptoRSAMachine Keys


              There is also one located in the Documents and Settings directory for older systems.


              If you are getting access denied on them this maybe the cause.


              I would also verify that UAC is not causing a problem here by temporarily disabling it verify that the account you are using is a true Administrator.


              Finally if this doesnt work, please supply us the logs and open a support request so we can continue to troubleshoot this.


              > Vista, 2008, & Win7: C:ProgramDataShavlik TechnologiesLogs

              > Windows XP & 2003: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataShavlik TechnologiesLogs

              > Reproduce the error/issue.

              > Afterwards please zip and send all the logs.


              You can reach us at the 1866-407-5279.