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    Asset scan - license required??




      I have a need to perform asset scans of the network of HW and SW. I tried it on one machine and it seemed to work

      although it was NOT TOO INTUITIVE. I had to generate a report to get the information. I tried an entire network scan

      but I am at a loss as to MINE this information from VMware Protect (8.02). The software is running on Server 2008

      on an AD network. When I look at "RECENTS" i do not see anything about an Asset Scan.


      Is a seperate license required? The help refers to a license. I am in a bit of a rush, need this done ASAP. If we need a

      license then it's a moot point because our division has "no money". If I am missing something please point me to any

      information that would be helpful.



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          The asset scan does not generate a result that is viewable in the "Results" area, however, you can view the information from the asset scan by going to Machine View, then click on the system and go to the Software Assets or Hardware Assets tab below this.


          This Help article within Protect will be good to take a look at:


          Help > Help > Contents > Common Tasks > Using Machine View > Using the Middle Pane > Viewing Hardware Asset Summaries

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            Yes I can see that now but I need to scan the entire network and create a report on the hardware and software used.

            And do I need a licnese for the Asset scnning (help file alluded to needing one). If I go to Machine View I see all the groups

            I created. Not individual machines.



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              If you see it by the group in machine view you just need to click the ">" symbol next to each group to expand them to see individual machines. Either that, or drag the 'Machine Name' column to the far left to have it sorted by machine name rather than grouping.


              You do not need any additional licensing to use the asset scanning feature.

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                No, I don't see it. I understand in the right hand pane if you click the > you can see computers in that group.

                I get that. I ran a scan of all computers in the domain and if (in the right hand pane) I select all the machines I don't see any assets

                other than the one I did by itself before that. If I select an individual machine in the group i see no assets.


                See attached.

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                  If you highlight each of them individually to view the asset results does it have anything? It sounds like only the one machine actually completed the asset scan successfully.

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                    Also, it might help to hit the Refresh button at the top in Machine View.