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    Losing proxy setting continuosly




      We use VMware protect  8.02. We have a proxy so I set the proxy in Internet Explorer and check the box in Protect options

      to use the Internet Explorer proxy. Seems every time I need to use Protect I have to put in the proxy setting again. Note

      I have the "Bypass proxy for local..." set also.


      Why isn't IE keeping the proxy setting?



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          There are a couple ways Protect uses a proxy.  It is defined in the Tools > Options > Proxy, and also from what it finds by defualt in the Windows internet options in the control panel.  If the values defined in the Internet Options are not retaining, there very well could be a Group Policy that is keeping the existing values in place.  I would validate with your system administrator that a GPO is not in control of the Internet Options, and also set the Proxy information in the Protect application directly.


          Please let us know if you need additional assistance by creating a support request.


          Thank you.

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