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    Updating Vcentre Protect Essentials in an offline Windows environment




           Can anyone help me with a problem I have every month when I try to update Vcentre Protect essentials 8.0.0 (Shavlik) with the latest patches?


      I have 2 domains that are totaly air gapped from the internet.


      To get the latest patch releases on to these servers we copy the patch repository from our Vcentre Protect server that is online to the same directory on the air gapped servers along with the contents of Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataShavlik TechnologiesNetChkDataFiles. I then run the refresh files task.


      Very often the new patches are not detected by the software. You can search and find a update exe file in the Windows folder, but when you search for it under patch view within Vcentre Protect it will not find it.


      I have tried all maner of things to get new patches imported into the software but nothing seems to work. All the admin guides and tech notes that I have seen say to use a distibution server that is online but my entire domain is off line so this is not possible.


      Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for doing this as I have to go through this nightmare every month. I usually end up gettting the files loaded some how but I can figure out what it is that triggers the software to recognise it.





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          Hi Pete ,


          There can be a few stumbling blocks when transferring patch executable and metadata from a internet facing Protect installation and one in an disconnected environment.


          To give you an outline of what would do is


          1)     Use the Powershell script to download the latest XML and datafiles

                  Have a look at this KB for instruction http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2008384


          2)     Copy the downloaded files to the Disconnected Installation

                  After copying across the latest files to the " ...NetChkDataFiles" folder , i find just kicking off a scan of the local machine is good enough for the application to reload the new information into the database. No need to close the application or run "Refresh Files"

                  You can confirm you are on the latest XML then by checking Help -> Refresh Files -> Version Info


          3)     Click on the Tools -> Options -> Scans

                  Check the "Keep Imported Files" checkbox

                  Scan the machines you wish.


          4)     Copy the newly generated files from the following folder to some removable media

                  C:ProgramDataShavlik TechnologiesNetChkArrivalsLegacyimportedfiles


          5)     Now on the Internet connected Protect installation machine.

                  Close the Protect UI

                  Connect your removable media and paste the files into the following folder

                  C:ProgramDataShavlik TechnologiesNetChkArrivalsLegacy

                  Start the Protect Application


          The results from the Disconnected environment will now import into the connected installation.

          Go to machine view ,

          Right click on all the Missing patches , and Download,.


          Copy the downloaded files back to the Disconnected Environment and place in the Download directory

          Tools -> Options -> Patch Downloads -> Patch Download directory


          This method saves you from downloading every patch in the XML , also takes care of any renaming of files which may go on in the background.


          Hope this helps ,



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            Hi. Thanks for the reply.


            No, this still hasn't fixed it I'm afraid.


            I downloaded the latest .xml and Datafiles as you suggested and moved them into the correct folder on the offline server. Sure enough the files were newer than the ones I moved over from the online server.


            I followed your instructions up to point 4 where I found that none of my servers have a ...netchkarrivalslegacy folder.



            I now think that all the files are upto date but the software will not recognise it. Files that I can find in the Windows patch directory, I can't find in patch view. Frustrating!!!




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              I think I might have solved this. Not only do I need to copy these files into the DataFiles folder but also in to the patches repository. If the files are copied into the DataFiles folder only, when you run a scan, the files are overwritten by the files in the patch repository. If you copy the files into the patches foler aswell, the new patches will be found.




              Thanks for your time.