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    Invalid guest credentials error - agentless > powered down VM


      Apologies if this is covered previously, but I'm just getting aclimated to the protect environment and as I can tell through my initial testing, a domain member VM that is powered down and that I've been able to scan succesfully, fails with an "invalid guest credentials" error on patch deployment install.


      I've tested and the only way I can alleviate the issue is to login to the VM in question using the credentials specified in the protect deploy job.


      At this point, I can run the deploy action from protect and it will patch successfully.  Is there a pre-req to at least have logged in to the VM using the credential being used by the deploy job?


      I haven't noticed this req in the documentation, but I'm also relatively new to the product and its specifc requirements. Any feedback is appreciated.


      Thanks- Nick

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          The credentials used to scan or deploy to an offline VM are listed in the machine group as the browse credentials. These credentials need to have the following rights on the VM server-


          • When deploying patches to an offline virtual machine that is hosted on a server, the following VMware server permissions are required in order to manage snapshots and to change the power state of the machine during the deployment process:
          • VirtualMachine.State.CreateSnapshot
          • VirtualMachine.State.RemoveSnapshot
          • VirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOn
          • VirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOff
          • VirtualMachine.Interact.DeviceConnection (to disable/enable the network card)


          This was taken from the Protect help files here-
          Contents > Quick Start Information > Quick Start Info for Virtual Machines > Notes About Virtual Machines

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            Thanks.  The browse credential used are valid for those required operations.


            I'm actually only having issue with the patch operation being performed when the browse credentials used have never logged into the machine in question.


            If I log into the machine in question once, using the browse credentials used in vProtect, and then power down the machine; the next patch attempt succeeds.  If I don't perform the manual login to that machine in question, I get an invalid credentials error on the next patch attempt.


            Do the browse credentials used require a successful login attempt prior to being able to successfully patch the VM in question or is this a bug that can be prevented with a new procedure/process?


            I'm using an XP SP3 vm currently to test this theory.  I've also run into the issue with Server 2003 and 2008 R2.