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    Use vCenter Protect to update VMware Tools that are out of date




      We have just stood up our vCenter Protect server and begun using it to deploy patches to machines in our environment.


      One of our constant struggles is to keep our VMware tools up-to-date.   Is there a way to to this using vCenter Protect?  The tool seems very VMware aware (as it should be).  I almost expected to find a checkbox item that would do this.  I don't know if there is a way to add the tools install as a patch.


      I've tried searching the VMware communities, KB and elsewhere on the Internet.  To my surprise I haven't turned up anything.  It would be very useful for us to roll that into our regular patch cycle.  (one less thing to forget)


      Has anyone else done this or run into a definitive no?  I know there is an option to have the VMs auto-update on reboot/power up.  In my environment the issues with that are:

      • It is a bit uncontrolled.  The environment is very rigid on change controls, and our patch cycles fall into that system. 
      • I still have to power off the machine once to flip that switch.  Some of our systems come down very infrequently.


      If anyone has run into a better solution, I am all ears...