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    manual agent push




      I'm currently pushing the VMware Agent manually to all computers in my Active directory as there is not sync possible.


      psexec -h -u domainadmin @ad_export.txt cmd /c \vmware-protect-serverDataFilesSTPlatformUpdater.exe /wi:"/qn /l*v C:Windowsinstall.log SERVERURI=https://vmware-protect-server.domain.com:3121 POLICY=PATCH AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=WINDOWS USECURRENTCREDENTIALS=1"


      This works perfectly on all Windows 7 clients and they added immediately in the Machine View.


      On all Windows XP machines the software gets installed but the service fails to start with the following error:


      The VMware vCenter Protect Agent service on LAPTOP started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.


      Are there other parameters for Windows XP or can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?


      thanks in advance,



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          Good morning vascovmware,


          The only suggestion I could offer is to issue the STPlatformUpdater.exe command as a stand alone command and see if it completes as expected, or to possibly use a pass phrase instead of windows authentication.  This maybe a permissions issue on the XP machine with starting the service and is most likely related to the psexec command.


          If the STPlatformUpdater.exe works as a stand alone command, I would encourage you to investigate the psexec command on XP machines.



          Additionally our Administration guide talks about how to script the agent install, and how to use the pass phrase instead of windows authentication.


          You can find this documentation here: http://www.shavlik.com/support/onlinehelp.aspx


          If you have additional questions regarding this, please feel free to open a support case by calling 1-866-407-5279, or email shavlik-support@vmware.com.


          Thank you,


          Mike Hartmann.

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