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    vCenter Protect Console Licensing




      I am trying to find an answer on wether a console license is required in additon to licensing machines/workloads in vCenter Protect. I have two scenarios:



      Scenario #1 Single site with 30VM's that need monitoring


           For this I require 30 licenses (3x 10 license packs) but I am not sure if this includes the console or do I need a separate console license?



      Scenario #2 3 sites with 10 VM's each


           Similar as the above - I need 30 Licenses - and presumably 3 consoles (though do I need to purchase 3 console licenses or only 2)?.



      I have been unable to find out any of this info in the Protect Admin/User/Install Guides




      Thanks muchly in advance :-)



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          It will require a console activation available for each Protect console that you install on a separate system.


          Generally when you purchase a key you can have a certain amount of console activations added to a single key so that you can use that same key for multiple installs of Protect. So in your case it sounds like you need a key with at least four console activations and thirty license seats on it.


          I'd suggest contacting the licensing team for further assistance with this.



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            Welcome to the communities.


            Better purchase one console license & manage all 30 machine.

            As having countable license you can manage easily .


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              With sales or licensing questions,please direct your inquiries to shavlik-sales@vmware.com.  Additionally we have a best practices guide located here:  http://www.shavlik.com/support/onlinehelp.aspx that gives an indication how to properly size your vCenter Protect environment.


              To answer your question about how many activations you need, it is based off how many machines you wish to install vCenter Protect on. If you are intending to use the Protect system on two machines, you will need at least two activations.  The license seats are divided into Server seats and Work Station seats, so knowing the scope of your environment as related to needed operating systems to scan is also important.


              Finally we offer a trial account free of charge that scans 50 machines.  If you are interested in validating the vCenter Protect functionality, please do so by downloading the latest version here: http://www.shavlik.com/downloads.aspx.  You will need to complete a registration in order to use the trail and that can be completed here: http://www.shavlik.com/pDownloadForm4.aspx.


              If you have questions about the trial, or about the vCenter Protect system, please feel free to create a support ticket by calling 1-866-407-5279, or by emailing shavlik-support@vmware.com.


              Thank you.


              Mike Hartmann