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    Unable to Verify after successful deployment

    PaulFreedman Apprentice



      I'm finding that more and more of my machines are returning with unable to verifiy after they have been rebooted.


      The servers are newly added to the console and are in the same domain so no firewall issue, any thoughts



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          Good morning Paul,


          This could be due to a couple of different reasons.  Typically when a deployment fails to complete it was either the execution of the deployment bat file that failed to happen or the installer failed to install for some odd reasons.


          The best way to determine the state of a deployment is to keep the temporary files during the deployment, perform the reboot after the deployment, and then re-scan with a WUscan (Default Template) to make sure the deployment failed to complete.  If it did fail, go to the ProPaches directory on the target machine and try to execute the installer manually.


          Sometimes it will give insight into why the installer failed to install.  Additionally under the ProPatches directory, in the installer directory, there are bat files. If the scheduler kicks off the deployment correctly on the target machines, and it goes through the entire bat file, the last step is for it to rename the bat file to .his (history).  If this happens then the deployment scheduling, and execution is good, and there is most likely something wrong with the installers.


          Please review this and call in a support ticket if you continue to have trouble.


          Support:  1-866-407-5279.

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            PaulFreedman Apprentice

            There hasnt been any failure though. All the patches have been installed succefully!

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              The deployment tracker is not being updated.  It should be communicating back to the console after the installation is completed.  This is proabaly a port communicaiton problem.  Is this problem happening on multiple machines or only specific machines?  I would review the port configuration in the administration manual on page 8 for what ports are required (see below). Also we have seen that if the console service is down for what ever reason, the updates fail to post to the deployment tracker.


              Online Documentation:  http://www.shavlik.com/support/onlinehelp.aspx

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