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    Error 105: unable to get machine's system data


      I am trying to scan a remote vm.

      The vm is hosted by ESX 4.1 and has been added to the hosts in Protect.

      I have supplied admin credentials.

      I have confirmed that server and workstation services are running.

      I can connect to the registry remotely.

      I have previously allowed the needed ports.

      File & Print sharing is on.


      I don' t see any blocks on our firewalls.


      I'm not sure where to proceed.

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          Here are some things you could check that may help:
          Note: This is taken from a KB article that has yet to be published publicly.


          1) From Protect console - launch Regedit, and try to connect to the remote  registry of the target machine by IP address. Try by name? Success or failure?  Protect needs full access to the target machine's registry.


          2) From the Protect console, please browse to the target machines c$, and  then browse to the "c:windowssystem32" folder. Try to make a copy of the  "ntdll.dll" file. Try to view the properties of this file. Is anything blocking  the access or hanging the process of looking at this file? Protect is trying to  look at this file while trying to determine the machine info. The NTDLL.DLL file  is actually checked first, and Protect determines the OS language.


          3) The Server Service on the target machine is queried with an API. If this  service isn't running, or isn't communicating in a timely fashion, Protect would  return a 105 error. Generally if you restart this service you will also need to  reboot the machine, but it can help to restart the Server service.


          4) Disabling Antivirus or threat protection software has corrected an error  105 previously so we suggest testing this.


          5) Using RUN AS when starting Protect has caused this issue. Make sure to use  an admin account.


          6) Ensure that firewalls are not blocking the connection, and make sure  you're meeting all other patch scanning requirements shown in the help document  within Protect: Help > Contents > Agentless Patch Management Tasks >  Performing Patch Scans > Scanning Prerequisites.


          7) Other tests for Error 105:
          -Try scanning by FQDN.
          -net use to ipc$  on target system
          -Try the two following commands from the Protect console  machine. Both should be successful. They may not really provide an answer as to  what is causing the issue, but if they fail it may be a network issue.
          sc \servername query
          sc \IPaddress query

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            1) remote registry - success

            2) NTDLL.DLL file - success

            3) Servicer service - running

            4) AV - disabled

            5) Logged in as admin

            6) Firewall logs show all allow

            7) sc commands - successful

            7) FQDN scanning - fails error 105

            7) -net use to ipc$  on target system - don't know how to do this one.  Success


            I was able to remotely install the agent, but still I get a 105 error.

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              Hi Dan,


              Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here.


              The problem with error 105 is that it is an always some sort of environmental issue that causes it, however, it's one of our scan errors that does not specifically identify what in the environment causes the scan to fail. It's somewhat generic.


              Here are some other things that may help:


              -Reboot the Protect console system and the target system (if possible).


              -It can sometimes help to go through the same troubleshooting steps that apply to scan error 452. These can be found here:



              -If rebooting and going through the 452 troubleshooting doesn't help can you please obtain logs from Protect? If you don't want to post them here you can either PM them to me or open a case directly with support to send them in. Steps to obtain logs can be found at http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2031065



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