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    Machine view




      In my vCenter Protect I have created 2 Machine groups (servers and computers).

      After doing a scan of the both groups I see the following in the Machine View:




      - computer 34

      - computer 39

      - computer 43

      - computer 45

      - computer 102



      Computers (336)

      - computer 1

      - computer 2

      - computer 3

      - computer 4




      Why are some computers not in the correct group?

      I tried to delete them and after a rescan other computers where in the group.

      I have a total of 500 computers of which about 100 still need to be scanned.


      I would like to move the computers to the correct group


      thanks in advance

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          How long have you been using Protect? If you have a lot of old results stored in the database it could cause this type of thing.


          To clean out old results you can do so either from Manage > Items, or by using the database maintenance function from Tools > Database Maintenance.


          Other than that, just make sure to remove machines from multiple machine groups or that the grouping you want it to show up with is how you last scanned the machine groups.


          I hope that helps.

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