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    Deployment runs, patch does not get applied, no error result


      So I was doing a Software Deployment of Powershell 2.0 to some Windows 2003 servers.  I selected the Powershell 2.0 patch and pushed the deployment.  The deployment succeeded but the patch wasn't installed because .NET 2.0 SP1 was not installed which is required.  I didn't figure this out until I downloaded the patch manually to the target machine and attempted to manually install it.  Once I did, then I was prompted with the pop-up stating that I needed .NET 2.0 SP1.  Why didn't vCenter Protect pick up on this when watching the deployment?  It only noted that the deployment was scheduled? Why didn't the service (non-agent install) send this information back to the console that the server was missing a pre-requisite or note this in the event log? Why didn't the console pick up that there was a pre-requisite for the update that was being applied that wasn't on the server?  Are these things that I need to feature request?  If so, VMWare does not have a feature request option in its drop down menu for vCenter Protect, what option should I use?