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    Automatic Snapshot removal




      I am using Protect to take a snapshot before deploying patches to enable an easy rollback point if required.

      I have set the Delete old snapshots (age in days) to 2 days, but the snapshots are still there 4 days later (and getting huge...)


      I just checked the docco and it appears that in order to trigger a snapshot removal I have to create a snapshot??



      Delete old snapshots created by VMware vCenter Protect (age in  days)

      If enabled, indicates the number of days a snapshot created by VMware vCenter  Protect will be allowed to exist. Snapshots older than the specified number of  days are automatically deleted. The threshold is checked each time a new  pre-deployment or post-deployment snapshot is  made.

      You can choose to manage snapshot retention both by the number of  snapshots and by the snapshot age. In this case, when a pre- or post-deployment  snapshot is requested, all snapshots created by VMware vCenter Protect that are  older than the specified number of days are deleted. If the number of remaining  snapshots still exceeds the maximum number specified, the oldest of those will  be deleted until only the maximum number specified remain.


      Can someone please confirm if this is correct?

      The idea of creating a snapshot to remove one seems odd...


      Thanks in advance,



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          That pretty much sums it up. The only time that protect access the snapshot tool is during the deployment.

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            This is correct - you have to use a template that has the snapshot settings enabled for it to initiate the deletion of older snaphsots. I'd suggest submitting a feature change request to ensure our product management team is aware that you would like to see changes to this feature.


            You can submit a feature request here: http://shavlik.featureidea.com

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              Thanks for your repsonses-

              I am filling out the feature request now.


              What do you guys do as a workaround for this issue? 

              Have a snapshot running against the machine at all times? That seems a bit risky (esp for us as this is for monthly windows patching)

              Not snapshot before deployment?

              Manually or script snapshots removal?

              Something else?

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                Well the problem is that as its designed there is not much for us to use as a workaround other than allowing it to only do a minimal number of snaphsots to keep on hand. Maybe set your limit lower - to even just one snapshot that we manage.

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                  I can set that to one snapshot (currently it is only two) but even that would mean a Protect snapshot would sit there growing for a month until the next patch cycle .


                  We are using this to patch 150+ servers so that is a lot of snapshot space ( irrelevant though as we would run out of disk before the month was out)


                  I will just have to manually kick off snapshot removal -unless my feature request gets implemented, fingers crossed.





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                    Well to be honest, even if it does get implemented it wouldn't be until a future version update. I'm not certain of all the features that will be new or changed in the next version update.


                    Sorry that this feature doesn't quite work out right now - watch for future versions to see if there is a change to this feature.


                    The latest versions get posted here:



                    The version history log shows new/changed features and bug fixes in each version, found here:



                    These pages should get updated when the next release comes out.

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                      Hi Jamie,


                      Have a look at this:  http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-23212


                      Shavlik has put together a very basic PowerCLI script to enumerate all VMs in your environment, check for the existence of a snapshot created by Shavlik Protect, and consolidate that snapshot.  You can run this script outside of Shavlik Protect (through task scheduler, for example, using VMware's PowerCLI and Windows' Powershell).


                      We implemented this differently, because this scripts will consolidate all VMs at the same time (in sequence not concurrently).  We wanted to space our snapshot conslidation, so we created custom attributes for our VMs in vCenter and then we assigned values that aligned with out maintenance windows.  We created one script for each maintenance window and modified each one to parse out only those VMs in the respective maintenance window, evaluating against the custom attribute field we created.


                      I hope this helps.




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                        Thom.Turner Rookie

                        Considering that the feature request for snapshot removal was requested at least 3 years ago, does anyone know when we will be made available?


                        It makes the feature request option a bit of a joke.

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                          cwinning CommunityTeam



                          Not all feature requests make it into production products. You are more than welcome to submit a feature request and request to be contacted by a Product Manager to discuss future plans. 


                          Until then, snapshots are removed during the deployment process only as stated earlier in this thread.  Or you can use the PowerShell script to remove the snapshots.