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    Agent Install vr 8.0.2


      We have a very tight enviroment we deployed Vcenter Protect 8.0.2

      and are testing the deployment options.


      Some of our clients that we want to deploy are on isolated networks, but do have Internet.

      We have TCP ports 135, 137-139, 445, 3121, 3122, 4155 5120 5985 and have added some DNS and public

      IP aliases to the console.


      Our test on the customer network eventually connected to the server, updated itself, brought down patch updates, AV updates.


      However on the Console, if I try to issue a full AV scan or check in from the agent manager it says that client is not responding,

      what port am i missing? or configuration step?


      Also, I see the client in agent manager, how can I get it into a machine group?


      Thank you,

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          When you send a command to the agent from the console this goes over port 4155 by default, but this is configurable within the General Settings of your agent policy as well.


          You might also want to make sure that the agent appears to be working on its own, and that it has successfully registered with the Protect console system.