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    Any tips for trouble shooting machines with errors?



      I am using Protect for the first time and I am completeing some scans- most servers come back ok, but some have errors including; 

      Error : 200 Machine not found

      Error : 201 Machine not found due to probable network error

      Error : 235 System not found or Netbios ports may be firewalled

      Error : 808 no disks specified to mount


      So far I have been working through these errors-  Ensuring machine is on, testing with firewall off, making sure I can telnet to machine from Protect server etc etc


      but still some machines still cannot be scanned- does someone have a cheet sheet or something to help me with the basic trouble shooting steps?

      I am sure I am just over looking something...


      Also when would I use the agent?


      Any help would be appreciated.