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    console alias question


      My understanding from the documentation is that when you add a console alias to your vcenter protect server, that address is synced to agents.  Do agents go through that list one by one when trying to checkin?  Currently I have






      I added the last one so that laptops that aren't  connected can checkin via the internet. Will that work? So the clients that aren't connected to the domain will try the first 2 which will fail but the 3rd would succeed?

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          chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

          Yes that would be correct.  They would try each alias to get to the console.  The drawback to Internet connected machines is that currently you would have to open the agent communication port (3121) on your external firewall and forward the traffic to the console.  Not really an ideal situation.  We have customers who have many agents that are always external and rarely VPN in that communicate with a DMZ console, but that is a big investment for customers with only a few agents that move in and out of the network regularly.


          Good news is that we have a new feature on the way which will allow machines to get policy updates and pass results back to you while they are outside of your network and unable to communicate to your console.  We will be going to beta with this feature sometime in March.  If you are interested in more details and would like to participate in the beta please contact me at Shavlik-Beta@VMware.com.  That and many other new features are coming in vCenter Protect 9.0.




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            I actually wound up setting up an apache reverse proxy in our dmz that proxies agent checkins to the vcenter protect servver on the inside.  New feature sounds good though look forward to it! Thanks!

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              chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

              Nicely done!  Well send me an email if you want in on the beta, but either way we should be able to upgrade you to 9.0 in a couple of months here and you can remove that apache reverse proxy.  One less thing to worry about.