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    Should MS13-008/Q2799329 supersede MS12-A10/Q2794220

    rbabcock Apprentice

      A 2003 server died and a backup was restored onto new, different hardware.  A repair install was then necessary, which backlevels many patches.  The backup which we restored was from before the release of MS12-A10/Q2794220, MicrosoftFixit50971.msi.  A vCenter scan says this fixit is needed, even though MS13-008/Q2799329 has been installed.  Doesn't this week's OOB IE patch fix the vulnerability that the fixit bypasses?  Shouldn't the fixit (and 2794220u "unfixit") be considered superseded by the IE patch?  I can exclude the fixit from my scans, but I'd rather not have to do this indefinitely.