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    Machine groups - sync




      I have been using the vCenter Protect for some time now and I wonder if there is an easier way to keep my machine groups up to date.

      At first I created 1 groups with all machines but it takes impossibly long to scan (550 machines) and due to time difference many machines are unreachable


      So currently I have a group per Active Directory OU (30 groups) of workstations.

      Each OU/machine group represents a location in the world where we have an office.

      In each group I selected the workstations of Active Directory from the specific OU and after a scan (which can take a long time for remote sites) I pushed the agent to every machine.


      The problem now is that when a machine is replaced or even renamed, this does not reflect in the vCenter Protect overview.

      So old machines remain in the list, newer machines are difficult to add as we need to rescan the entire machine group, ...


      Ideally I would be able to sync computers between the Active Directory and vCenter Protect (or install the agent at deployment of the computer) as I would like to make sure each and every machine in AD is in the group and has the agent installed.


      Is this possible? Are there better ways of arranging the machine groups?


      thanks in advance,