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    ms12-078 Q2753842 failed to install

    joerabbi Rookie

      Almost all of my servers failed to install ms12-078 Q2753842, however, most of them installed ms12-078 Q2779030.  Is this a difference in OS or installed programs?  If the different Q #'s apply to different versions, why do the patches show as missing?




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          That will depend on what the version of the affected files are on your target systems. This patch was re-released by Microsoft recently, and it was also recently updated in our patch definitions. I'd suggest to first make sure that your patch definitions are fully updated by running Help > Refresh Files. Once you run this you can check to make sure your definition version is up to date in Help > About vCenter Protect > Version Info. The Definitions > Patch assessment & patch deployment versions should match the latest version shown on http://protectessentials.shavlik.com/.


          Then if you continue to have issues it may be best to open a case with support for possible detection issues with this patch.