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    Cancel deployment


           When I scanned and scheduled a deployment, I realized, too late, that I had not changed the deployment time from PM to AM.  The system is set to use Windows Scheduleer instead of V sched.  Is there any way I can cancel the deployment?  I seem to remember that the folder, ProPatch, had to something to do with canceling a deployment but I don't remember what.  Thanks.

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          Hello Paul,

          You could delete the c:windowspropatchesinstall directory on all the affected machines.  What would happen is the scheduled task would kick off but nothing would happen since the task calls the deployment batch file in that directory which would no longer exist.  Future deployments will re-create this directory.

          Thank you,

          Kevin McTague

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            Thanks.  Is there any way to tell when the deployment is scheduled for?

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              You'd have to view the task scheduler on some of the machines you deployed to.  We don't really have any visibility into this from the console with the windows scheduler.

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                rbabcock Apprentice

                With the Windows scheduler, you can probably use the Windows schtasks command to query and cancel the jobs on remote machines.

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                  Thanks.  However, I found that from the console, if I install the Shavlik (ahem vm) scheduler, it shows the schedule for the deployment.  I find it rather strange that you can't view the deployment schedule in the console but you can if you install the scheduler on a computer with a deployment scheduled.  I would think it would be better to view all deployment schedules from the console.

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                    If you have chosen to utilize the Microsoft scheduler then there are many Microsoft tools available to monitor it remotely. The VMware Protect product will not give you access to these scheduled tasks; any you might see are probably left over from some older Shavlik Remote Scheduler task.


                    If you would like to be able to monitor all of the deployments scheduled from the Protect Console you will need to utilize the Shavlik Scheduling Service.


                    If you need further information or require more assistance please contact the vCenter Protect Service desk directly at 1-866-407-5279