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    Problem with some flash 9 and 11 and Google Chrome


      Hallo People


      I have a problem with vCenter Protect - Update catalog, which is integrated with SCCM 2012.

      The SCUP which is installed is 2011, and i is a new catalog from 12-12-2012.


      There is 2 problems with goes again as my problems, the first one is:

      When i try to download updates for "Adobe Flash Player 9" - i have selected all 14 which is availeble it states that the download location is incorrect.



      I guess it's correct since i cannot browse to the location with an IE - or anyother browser for that matter.


      The problem i have with google chrome is that:

      Digest verification failed on content for software update 'Google Chrome 20.0.1132.47 (UpdateId:'5093da08-79de-4984-be72-9d39163258d8' Vendor:'Google, Inc.' Product:'Chrome')'.


      But the million dollar question is, what to do about these problems?



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          Are the Flash updates that are failing only 64bit or 32bit by chance? It might be best to open a case directly with support in case this is a data issue that we should investigate.


          When you receive a hash verification failure message it means that the vendor is using a static URL for the download of updates and there is already a newer update than what you're attempting to publish. Most likely Google released a new verion of Chrome before you were able to publish the updates. You can see more info on this error here: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2013914

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