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    Firefox ESR 17.0.1 Issue


      Latest XML, 12/4/2012 shows availability of FFE12-17010(QFFE 17010): Firefox ESR 17.0.1


      Scans show QFFE 17010 as missing,


      But, the ESR executable will not download.  And, a check on Mozilla download site does not show availability of any ESR 17.0.1, the latest available ESR download is Firefox ESR 10.0.11.


      Anyone have any idea what's up with ESR 17.0.1 ?

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          I am not sure why this would not download for you. I just downloaded Firefox ESR 17.0.0 (file name 'Firefox Setup 17.0.1esr.exe') without issue using my vCenter Protect 8.0.2.


          The Monzilla site http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/all.html does have 17.0.1 available at the bottom of the page.

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            Thanks, you are exactly right.


            Turned out, the McAfee Web Gateway at my location was blocking the download (false positive) as malware.


            Bypassing McAfee resolved the issue.

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              Thank you for sharing the cause.

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                I gotta say to VMWare, that it wasn't cool to upgrade my installs of version 10 ESR to the version 17 ESR line (this includes Thunderbird as well). This was a major version shift that disabled many of the extensions that I push out. You should have continued the update to version 10.0.11 ESR (not 17). And then version 17 ESR shouldn't be updated before 17 ESR is installed or pushed out to a computer. This totally defeats the purpose of using ESR, in that most people that use it want to maintain extension compatibility. Now I have a ton rolling-back to do.

                Can you make it work the way that I described above? There will be at least one more release in v10 ESR. I want to be able to prepare for v17 ESR beforehand and to decide when to start using it.

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                  Any deployment made through vCenter Protect is controllable by the user. If you do not want to install an update you certainly do not need to choose to deploy it.

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                    I understand that. Although that starts adding to the administrative overhead of using vCenter Protect that I have never needed to do. I tend to run updates without having to preapprove everything first, if the updates are merely incremental (and not major). Some apps shouldn't automatically update a major version. Especially extended support releases. The whole point is to maintain compatiblility. In my opinion 10.0.11 would have been more appropriate in this case. In the case of apps with quick update cycles (FF main line, and Chrome), it is more appropriate to update them automatically.


                    Here are some other examples of where vCenter does just what I am talking about:

                    If a computer is running IE8, will it be automatically updated to IE9, or IE9 to IE10? No.

                    If a computer is running Acrobat 9.5, will it be updated to 10? No.

                    How about we do the same for FF/TB ESR versions? I know you can.

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                      The settings you are referring to are vendor settings. I could not find specific information from Mozilla but I would suspect that they would be the source of how their updates perform.

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                        Can you explain that a little more sepcifically why it is Mozilla's fault? You guys are the ones who maintain the patch data file that determines what file is downloaded and installed as an update based on what versions are already installed. I assume it is the choice of some maintainter of the vCenter Protect patch data file to come out with patch 17 ESR and allow it to update version 10 ESR line to to version 17 ESR line. If that is the case, IMO, that is a bad choice.

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                          Our detection process is based on information from each vendor. I am not sure what scan setup you are using, perhaps a better place  to have this discussion, would be  a call or email to our technical support desk 1-866-407-5279, or Shavlik-support@vmware.com we would be able to provide more direct interaction and would be better able to examine the situation this way.