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    can i reverse proxy agents for checkin?


      We have a lot of field personel that never come to the office. We havn't put the agent on their machine for this reason because it would never checkin.  I do not want to open the port directly from the internet to my vcenter protect server, but if I could put a reverse proxy in the DMZ that would proxy agent checkins I would love that.


      Are checkins just done via https? could i put a like nginx reverse proxy in the dmz for field computers to be able to checkin? has naybody tried this kind of config before?

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          It's possible to set your proxy or firewall to forward requests from an external port of your choice.  In order for this to work you first must determine the external port you want to forward to 3121 internally.  Once this port is defined, you must run our STPlatformupdater.exe file, which is located on the console.  The file resides in C:ProgramDataShavlik TechnologiesNetChkDataFiles on a 2008/Win 7/Vista machine, and C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersShavlik TechnologiesNetChkDataFiles on 2003/XP machines. 

          Copy STPlatformupdater to the client machines and run it.  You will be asked for the hostname of the server, this should be the external IP of the firewall and the agent services port should be the port you defined for forwarding to 3121.  I'd also recommend taking the external IP of the firewall, going to the Protect console and adding this to the console alias editor under tools>console alias editor.  Once these settings are in place, when you run STPlatformupdater and click the 'get policy list' button, the dropdown box of available policies should populate and you'll be able to complete the installation process. 

          If you have any questions or concerns while trying to set this up, please give us a call, the number is available under help>technical support on the Protect console.

          Thank you,
          Kevin McTague

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            Thanks for the great info! I got it all setup so agents are checking into the console server through my apache based reverse proxy.