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    IE proxy issues




      for some strange reason even though the proxy is working fine we have multiple errors on all clients that have had patches deployed to them stating:


      GetResponse failed with a return code of 12002
      Reason: Unknown error: 12002  If there are still questions please send log files to VMware support: Unknown error: 12002
      2012-12-04T15:17:23.7293348Z 057c I DplyEvts.cpp:48 Checking for necessary services
      2012-12-04T15:17:23.7293348Z 057c I DplyEvts.cpp:93 PingBack updates - tracker(https://vprotectserver.domain.com:3121/ST/Console/Deployment/Tracker/TrackerService)  id(14865) status(4).
      2012-12-04T15:17:23.7293348Z 057c W HttpDownload.cpp:498 IE Proxy not found - 2.
      2012-12-04T15:17:53.4087664Z 057c E HttpDownload.cpp:684 Failed in GetResponse, error: Please verify your proxy setup is correct.