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    Updating to VCenter Protect get error "another version...is already installed"


      Server 2008 R2, SP1.


      Updating from 8.0.1-3965 (shows in Programs and Features as version 8.0.3965.1) to 8.0.2_4027 (newest).


      Installer first notes "A previous Protect version 8.0.3965.1 has been detected on your system. Would you like to upgrade?" Yes, of course.


      Installer then shows that .NET Framework 4.0 is Installed, PowerShell is Installed, and Remote Desktop Connection is Installed, and then I click Install to proceed.


      The Windows Installer box pops up briefly and then I get a warning box with a red circle and an X inside it saying "Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, us Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel." There is only an OK button to terminate the installation.


      Checking the Application Logs, there are 5 errors that may be related, 2 that definately are:

      • 3x Shavlik Scheduler Event ID 4. There is apparently no description for this event in the system.
      • 1x MsiInstaller Event ID 11729: Product: VMware vCenter Protect -- Configuration Failed.
      • 1x MsiInstalled Event ID 1035: ...Reconfiguration success or error status: 1638.


      There are no pertinent records in the System Logs.