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    Patch/Software Management of Linux and Windows virtual machines?


      Hello, I am looking for some guidance on products that might help a situation we have.  We are building a data center and we're still fairly small, but growing.  I'm looking for patch management ideas.


      We're mostly a Linux environment SLES 11 and RHEL 5, but we do have some Windows VM's.  We would like to be able to keep our Dev environment in sync with our Production environment.  When an app or patch gets tested and is ready to go that we can mass deploy to our production vm's.  We feel like we're eventually going to get to a point where manually keeping everything in sync is not going to be possible because there will just be too many vm's.


      I have heard maybe vCenter protect might be what we need.  Or would Puppet or Chef be a better option?  I'm just starting to research so any links to white papers and case studies would be helpful.  Thank You.