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    Unable to download Skype




      For some reason, after scanning a machine which is missing an update to Skype, VCenter Protect is unable to download the file.  In fact, if I include Skype in the deployment job, the job will halt at the point of downloading Skype, so I have to cancel it.  Might this have something to do with the way VCenter Protect is configured to fetch files?  I don't know from where VCenter Protect is attempting to download the installer, but it seems to me that this would be the best place:






      Richard Herbert

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          Hi Richard


          Can i ask , what version of Skype are you trying to download ? Is it the latest which is currently .

          You may be trying to download an older version for which the download link is no longer working


          What i would suggest is to perform a Refresh Files ,

          Help -> Refresh Files

          Then using Patch View , find the latest version of Skype available ,

          Right click and Select Download.

          Any Success ?


          Regarding Protect and how it is downloading the installer. Protect is configured to Downloads all Patch files from the vendor sites directly. We do not host or cache any installer files ourselves.


          Let me know if you are still having trouble ,

          If needs be you can always open a ticket with support ,

          We will help you out no problems.



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            Hi, Anthony.


            I performed a Refresh Files, and verified that version is the latest one in the list.  I did a right-click, download  on versions and in the Patch View list, and here was the status of the downloads after ten minutes:




            For some reason, Protect was only able to download the English version of; all the others got stuck.  I just tried again, and now we can see:




            I still don’t know why I gets stuck when I try to download and deploy in one operation, but it seems the workaround in this case is to download first, and deploy later.  One other possibility is that once the English version of was successfully downloaded, Protect was then able to download the others.


            I didn’t mention it until now, but I’m having the same problem with the latest versions of Firefox.  I’ll try the above workaround and let you know how it goes.


            Best regards,


            Richard Herbert

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            Unable to download Skype

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              Thanks for the Update Richard ,


              I believe that there is no difference to the operation which downloads patches during the deployment process and when downloading manually.


              Let me know the experience you get when downloading Firefox


              If the problem continues , you can always open a support ticket


              Anthony ,

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                Hi, Anthony.


                I've been unable to download any version of Firefox except 13.0 using either method with Protect, and this after many attempts. I've also verified that I AM able to download any version of Firefox on the server "manually", that is, using a browser.


                I'm not in the office today, so I'll open the support ticket tomorrow.


                Thank you for your help.

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                  Hi again, Anthony.


                  Just letting you know that since installing a new Sonicwall firewall on Tuesday, the downloading problems have gone away.  Skype and Firefox are no longer causing me headaches.


                  Best regards,


                  Richard Herbert