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    Release dates for service packs are not shown for customers in timezones ahead of UTC


      Over 18 months ago, we identified a bug introduced into the then Shavlik NetChk Protect around version 7.8.  This was discussed directly with Shavlik as well as on the old forum (see http://community.shavlik.com/answers/viewQuestion.apexp?id=906C0000000TTU9IAO).


      The problem is that release dates for service packs are no longer not being displayed for customers in timezones ahead of UTC.  This bug was not fixed in version 8.0.3787.0 which I currently have installed.  The change log at http://www.shavlik.com/support/protect-history.aspx does not list this bug as being fixed in the recently released version (which I have not installed yet).


      Is there any timeframe for resolving this issue?