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    Multi-homed Servers and Agent installs


      So I recently took my console server to 8.0.1 from 7.8 where I have some servers with agents deployed to them.  They all received a check in request from the console this morning at 2:00am and all servers checked in.  Not all of the agents upgraded though, about a dozen or so did not update to the new version of the client.


      This issue was prevalent in prior versions as well where I could perform a check in from the console and the agent would attempt to send information back over an IP address that was configured on the server but not routable back to the network the console server sat on, so the check in would fail.  The only way to get the server to check in properly was to log into the server and force a checkin from the agent GUI.  Before upgrading, the policy based check-in would work flawlessly since it was initiated from the client by the policy and all servers would report back to the agent manager their proper IP address.  Now, when an agent checks in to the console it reports one of the many addresses that are configured on the servers instead of the defined production IP address that is able to communicate with the shavlik server.


      What changed exactly? I've put a feature request in (twice now) to either have agents support multi-homed servers or the ability to bind the agent to a certain IP address so it always uses that to communicate back to the server.  Anyone else running into issues in multi-homed environments with agents deployed?