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    Agent License question


      I understand that an agent license is valid for 45 days from the most recent check-in, but I'm not clear on what has to happen to reestablish that license once it has expired?  I'm in a situation where we have a small group of users who have laptops for after-hours work, but they do not use them regularly.  We are in the process of putting together a policy that will force them to connect to our network to check-in at least once every 30 days, and before finalizing that policy I'd like to know what is involved if the license expires.



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          The way the licensing works for agents is as follows:

          When an agent checks in, it renews the hold on the license for another 45 day interval.  If the agent manages to go more than 45 days without checking in to the console machine, it essentially goes into a dormant state.  The agent will not scan, patch, and AV (if you are licensed for it) will be disabled.  Should the agent check in with the console after the license has expired, it will become licensed once more and begin working again.


          There isn't any real downside to having agents check in often, our default is every 120 minutes.  In addition to renewing the license, when an agent checks in they will also receive information on any changes that were made to the agent policy to which they are assigned.


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            Thanks, Kevin.  That makes my life easier!