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    Problems deploying Java 1.6.37 with VCenter Protect


      We're using VMware vCenter Protect Essentials 8.0.0 Build: 3787 to deploy security patches.


      There seems to be a sporadic problem specific to deploying Sun Java 1.6.37 (JAVA6-37). I deployed it along with other patches to five Windows 7 (32-bit) machines last night, and four out of the five deployed without problems.  On one machine though, when I checked the deployment status this morning JAVA6-37 was marked as "executing".  Notwithstanding, the Windows application log shows "Product: Java Auto Updater -- Installation operation completed successfully."


      So, the update installation completed, but it seems like Protect didn't receive proper notification.  The result was that the patch that was scheduled to be installed following JAVA6-37 never got installed, so I had to re-scan the machine and re-deploy that still-missing patch.


      Is there a known problem with the Java Auto Updater?  I suspect as much, because I've seen it "stuck" in the task manager after other deployements; killing the task would allow the deployment to contine.


      Thanks for any ideas.