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    How do you manage your patch maintenance windows?


      I'm just throwing this question out there to pick some of your brains.  I'm trying to create a centralized document that has a list of all of my servers and their scheduled times for various jobs / production hours and I'm just not sure of the best way to organize this in a meaningful way.  My app support team hasn't been very helpful in providing me accurate data and I've run into issues where I've set patches to run during a time where they had something else going on on the server.  I'm trying to document the following:


      Production hours

      Virus Scans

      SQL jobs / maintenance

      Windows scheduled tasks

      Any special application specific jobs

      Patching windows

      End of Day processing


      Now, I know some people will say that I should dictate the maintenance window but for the sake of not going into all of the politics of where I work, I'm not allowed to enforce this so I have to work around the schedule.  I've been trying to create something in Excel but there seems to be too many details to keep track of in a meaningful way.  How do you do it?  Do you have a centralized document or database that documents these kinds of things or does everyone else have a set maintenance window and you don't have to worry about it?  I was hoping to have some kind of chart or graph that I could look at quickly instead of having a Word document with a bunch of notes on each server.

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          We usually dictate the patching.  We let people OPT out but we have a certain DROP DEAD date where if they haven't patched yet they are going to.


          I break my patching outage into 3 separate 1/2 windows inside a 2 hour maintenance window.  SQL and Backup DCs/Primary Cluster nodes, Application/Terminal Servers Secondary cluster nodes, Web servers Primary DCs is how we break them up.  I've found if you patch once a quarter it usually takes less 30 minutes for a server to patch.


          Hope this helps.

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