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    Deploying Patch MS12-046


      Has anyone had problems deploying Microsoft Security Patch MS12-046?


      One of my systems had it outstanding and when I went to push it out using vCenter Protect, I don't think its deploying.


      I rescan the server and the same patch shows up as missing.


      Any thoughts?

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          I'm fairly new to vCenter Protect but if you go into the Scheduled Tasks and find the machine in question right click on it and  "refresh selected" then wait a few seconds you should be able to click the Log tab and see all the actions and task ran on that agent including reboots.


          You can also go into machine view and find your machine and look at the deployment history for it. Its not as detailed as the Secheduled Tasks but if you see a failed for that patchin there you know its not getting very far.


          Those might give you a bit of direction.


          Sorry i cant be more help,


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            You can try to run the patch manually from the c:windowspropatchespatches folder. This will identify if there are any errors during the deployment.

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              Hi guys, thanks for the input, I tried all the suggested options - no avail.


              Funny thing, when I went to the C:WINDOWSProPatchesPatches dir I did not see the patch.


              I ended up downloading the patch and applying it manually.  So far one server had this issue - lets see if any more happen.