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    Slow Reports/Database Cleanup


      Hey all,


      I'm a Network Services Manager, new to my role, and my team is now using VMware VCenter Protect. For the most part the program works great. We are currently having issues with Reports. When I select the type of report, it takes 20-30 min to populate the next field, so I can select which scan to run the report against. VMware support said that our database is too big. He explained how to delete Patch Scans, and Re-Index the database, however I can only delete so many scans at a time or the program crashes. So far it's taken me two days to delete 3 days worth of scans. There should be an easier way to clean up the database? I've looked online and through the user guide, but haven't come up with an answer yet. I have everything set to not save anything more than two days now, but I have almost 30days of patch scan data to manually delete. Any suggestions? Thanks



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          Hi Doug,


          It depends on what version of Protect you're using. In 7.8 and later versions you can go to Tools > Database Maintenance and use the built in maintenance tool to clean out old results. In earlier versions (7.6 and below) you have to delete results through Manage > Items.

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            I'm using 8.0.0, I have the maintenance tool, but I only have options for Patches(Deployment), Assets, ITScripts, and it works for those 3 things, but not Patch Scans. Right now I'm manually deleting from Manage > Items. If I select too many to delete it will fail and kill the software. I have to reopen and try deleting a lesser amount. My current database size is almost 60GB.

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              The 'Patch' option is meant to delete both patch scan and deployment results. It sounds like you may have more complicated issues, and I'd recommend you get in contact with support directly. I'll be glad to help you work on this - if you email or call you can ask for me.