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    Question on Patch releases


      I'm a new customer to vCenter Protect and have a question on the release of patches.


      We have the product setup and have starting use it to deploy windows patches and are just starting to dig into thrid party applications.

      We are mostly concerned with Reader, Flash, Java etc like im sure most people are.


      My question is after one of those third party companies release there patch how long is it before it shows up in vCenter Protect and do i have to do anything to get that patch


      For example Java 7 Update 9 was released on 10/16/2012 but i do not see that patch in vCenter Protect yet?  I have looked at the Home screen in the "New Patch Data Available" section and dont see it listed there either even though the newest data in that pane is from 10/16/2012.


      I assume there is some lag time between when a company releases a patch and when its avaible in vCenter Protect how long is that usually?

      Can i sign up to a rss feed or subscribe to a blog somewhere that would email me these updates when they are available in vCenter Protect?

      Do i have to run some sort of scan or retrive job to download the newly posted patches?

      When these new patches are released do they need to be Approved for installtion, how does that work?



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          Our data team starts working on the patch detection when the patches are released. Usually they are out in our XML within a couple of days. We generally release new XML data on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can sign up for email updates at www.shavlik.com/support/xmlsubscribe.aspxthese email will let you know what is available and when it is released. The home page is an RSS feed of the following website http://protectessentials.shavlik.com.

          The Default setting in vCenter Protect is to download definitions on start up as well as before a scan begins.


          Once the missing patch is detected the download and installation is up to you.




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            Hi Eric ,
            Generally XML updates occur on a Tuesday and Thursday for vCenter Protect.
            Newly released patches need to be assessed, integrated into the XML and tested before general release.
            Like in your example, 10/16/12 was a Tuesday, which most likely wasn't not enough time to make the Tuesday release. I would be confident that the update you are referring to would be in the Thursday XML update, 10/18/12.
            However, there are always exceptions.
            For example, Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday. On the second Tuesday of each month Microsoft release their latest updates. The data team may delay the XML update till very late in the evening or sometimes the next day to incorporate the latest updates as quickly as possible.
            In exceptional circumstances the XML update maybe delayed to account for the inclusion of a critical patch. This happened recently enough when Oracle released a Java update to patch a Zero Day Exploit .
            You can sign up to our XML update email notification here
            Also you can see a list of included updates to the XML here




            Hope this information helps ,