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    Flash 10 to Flash 11




      We have a number of machines in our environment that are running Flash Player 10.   Protect detects version 10 and offers to upgrade it to the current version of Flash 10.


      Is there anyway to have Protect upgrade any version of Flash to the latest version of Flash 11 ?


      The only method I see is to do a software scan and push out the RTM of 11, then upgrade 11, which I beleive would require 2 restarts.


      Also, I am using agents and would prefer to have the agents do the update, if possible.



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          You can use a scan template with Software Distribution enabled to push out the latest version of flash.  To do so, first you'd want to create a patch group which contains only the version of flash you'd like to push out.  For example, the Q number for the latest flash activex installer which is a software distribution is QAF114402278N.  Search for this in patch view, right click it and add it to a new patch group. 


          Next create a scan template.  Under the "Patch" section of the filtering tab, set the radio button to Scan Selected, and hit the ellipsis button next to the patch groups section and select your flash patch group.

          Enable software distribution on the software distribution tab in the scan template.


          Next you will have to create a new agent patch scan task in the agent policy, and have scan using this scan template.  Your agents will now deploy the latest version of flash.  You'll probably want to disable this patch task from deploying once you've ensured flash has been successfully pushed out to your machines.

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              Just wondering if you had any resolution on full "version" patching?  We don't use the agent currently, but have no problem patching Flash 10 with 10 patches and Flash 11 with 11 patches, but do have problems replacing 10 with 11.  Do we really have to find another method to get our own installer of 11 out there in order to get all of our machines to the latest version of Flash?


            Thanks - I know it's been quite a few months since the question was posed... there doesn't seem to be much traction in this forum.

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              If there is an installer for adobe that takes the install from 10 to version 11, then you could create a custom action in your deployment template to push out 11 and execute after the deployment completes. This will ensure that the adobe flash is installed.


              The only caveat to this is that the installer has to be able to take the install from 10 to 11.  There maybe detection logic in the installer that prevents it, or they may have a single installer per branch (one for 10, one for 11).  It would take a little testing to see if the installer works, but a custom action in your deployment template would complete the install for you.


              You would want to make sure that you only use this deployment template when you want to do this installation. You would not want to continuously use it and re-apply the same patch over again.


              If you need additional information about setting up custom action, please reference our Online Help guide, or contact us directly at 1866-407-5279.