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    Scheduled Deployment Notifications - missing content


      Why would the scheduled time be missing from the deployment notification emails? The deployment time was set for 30 minutes in the future. Also can the contents of the emial be edited? ie have addiotnal instructions added to the bottom of it??


      Machine Name     Scheduled Installation Time      Bulletin/Patch


      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-063/Q2744842

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-060/Q2687441

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-055/Q2731847

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-054/Q2712808

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-054/Q2705219

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-038/Q2686827

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-035/Q2604121

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-034/Q2596672

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-034/Q2656411

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-034/Q2656405

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-025/Q2656368

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS12-021/Q2669970

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS11-100/Q2656351

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS11-066/Q2487367

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS11-049/Q2251487

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS11-025/Q2538243

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS09-062/Q972222

      xxxxxxxxFP02                                                  MS11-049/Q2251487



      After installation, the machine will be:

      Automatically rebooted immediately after installation