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    Scanning remote machines


      Why do the scans take so long?  Previous scans did not take an enormate as they do now.  Do I need to optimize my database or something else? Ever since Shavlik was bought by VMware their scan product has gotten bloated and cease to be the fine product it was. IMHO.

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          Hi there RedDodgerAZ,


          Here is a link which may be very useful to you:




          Check the size of your ShavlikScans Database. You can find this in the Management Studio by expanding Databases; right click on the database, then click Properties – the size will show up under the General tab in the Database Properties.


          Having checked this, you can use the VMware vCenter Protect Database Maintenance tool. The Database Maintenance tool enables you to:
          • Delete old results
          • Rebuild your SQL Server indexes
          • Create backup copies of your database and your transaction log
          You do this by selecting Tools > Database maintenance and then specifying exactly when and how your database maintenance tasks should be performed. See the VMware vCenter Protect Help file for information on the database maintenance options


          Determine the amount of data that needs be kept on hand for operational purposes. Typically 60-90 days is acceptable for operational purposes.


          Also In Protect you can go to Manage > Items. Delete any items you no longer need stored in your database (you can delete multiple records or all records by scrolling to the bottom for these options).


          There is a slider located in the General Tab of a Scan Template you can use to set the number of simultaneous machines scanned. We've seen lowering the number of machines scanned at once can increase scan speeds on some networks. Test out different settings to see what works best in your environment.


          You could test disabling your Antivirus/Real Time Protection software in case this is slowing the scan results from importing.


          It is also worth looking at other important questions such as:


          Is the Scan over a LAN or WAN?- Scanning over a WAN can sometimes take a considerable amount of time depending on your environment.

          Is your SQL server remote or local? Having a dedicated SQL server has many advantages including very often better performance.