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    Patch Exception


      We have a program on one computer that is adversely affected by Java 7.0.  How can I make an exception on this one computer so that patch doesn't get installed?


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          If the machine in question has Java 6.x installed the normal security patching will only install 6.x patches. It will not upgrade the Java version to 7.x.



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            That's what I thought too.  However, following each weekly automatic patch update, this computer has again had Java 7.0 and we've had to uninstall it.  We've done it three times now.

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              That does not make sense to me either. Perhaps you could set up some logging as described here http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2031065 and submit the results to shavlik-support@vmware.com. More time can be dedicated to an issue such as this in a more direct manner.

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                You can create a patch group in conjunction with a custom scan template to exclude certain patches.


                1. Create a patch group either containing, A. only the patches you want to scan for, or B. patches you don't want to be scanned for.


                2. Create a custom scan template (Templates > New Template > Patch Scan). You can then add your patch group to be used for filtering. This is on the Filtering tab under Patch filter settings. If you used option A above choose to "Scan Seletected", or for option B above choose "Skip Selected". Then across from Patch group(s), click the "..." button and choose the patch group you created.

                Note: Make sure you select any applicable Patch Types that you want to include under "Patch type filter settings".


                3. Scan using this custom patch scan template. It should now scan based on your patch group.