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    Unable to update offline VM's


      Hi all.


      I have some problems with updating offline VM's.

      I use Vsphere 4.1 and vCenter Protect Essentials 8.0.0 Build: 3787


      I get different errors:


      Invalid guest credentials, snapshot removal failed.


      This is a machine which is part of my AD but not started.



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          Hi Kim ,


          Invalid guest credentials:

          Sounds like the OS Credentials setup might need to be reviewed.

          Are the Admin Credentials configured in your machine group, Domain Admin Credentials ? Could they have expired ?


          As for the Snapshot Removal error ,

          Could the Credentials entered as the "Browse Credentials" not have the role on the vCenter Server to remove Snapshots ?

          On vCenter Server you can check Roles .. Edit Roles->Virtual Machine->State->Remove Snapshot





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            Hi Anthony.


            Thanks a lot for your quick response ?


            About the credentials I have set the Domain Admin Credentials. And they are not expired.


            About the snapshot you were spot on ?


            I have now updated one server and according to the tracker it has been finished for over an hour !

            I thought that it would shut down automatically but it's still running and I can see it's doing nothing ? How much time does it need after the update ?


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            Unable to update offline VM's

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              Hi Kim ,


              Glad the snapshot issue is resolved,



              If you are Scanning and Deploying to an offline VM, the state of the VM will be returned to Offline after the deployment completes.


              Depending on how many Patches you are deploying it could take some time.


              What exactly is the Tracker displaying ?


              I would also suggest contacting support regarding your credenitals issue. The logs im sure will hold some fruitful information, but generally credenitals requred for all VM Scans/Deployments are ,

              1. Credentials for the vCenter server / ESXi Host - Depending how you have added the VM to your Machine Group
              2. Credentials for the OS installed on the VM - Domain Admin would be best
              3. Credentials/Access to the Datastore where the VM resides - So if you have locked down access to the datastore so that only traffic from Hosts can access it , this may cause an issue.


              Hope this heps

              Anthony ,